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Food & Goods

Borderless Aid comes to the aid of families in need and collects donations of food, clothes, toys or other items. We also offer support for the fuel for the transport of goods in the county. 

Food Box

Home appliances & furniture

From furniture to electronics, we collect donations of such items or buy them. The collected items will be stored and then transported to those in need.

Image by Erik Mclean

Legal advisory

We  provide legal advice in partnership with a lawyer for those in need. 

Business woman


We buy medication for elders or families whose members are following a treatment and cannot afford to buy it.

Image by Melany @

Home renovations

We renovate improper and inadequate shelters or houses of poor and deprived citizens.

Image by Milivoj Kuhar

Social & cultural events

We organize cultural events for the local community. 

Children Playing
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