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About Us

Mercy to the needy is a loan to GOD!

Borderless Aid - a name that speaks from the desire and vision of our heart - that of coming to the aid of needy families.


Our primary focus is on children in need, for whom we do our best to prevent dropping out of school and giving a chance for a better life.


Our Story

It all started in 2013 when we took notice of the situation of some children and the elderly in our county: families that lacked electricity, school supplies for children, beds, closets, or tables. We have longed to be able to help them and we can say that our heart's desire has been fulfilled and is being fulfilled day by day while working with people who share our vision.

So far, we have supported families from the following cities from Romania: Ciucurova, Nicolae Balcescu, Chilia Veche, Mihai Viteazu, Cataloi, Telita. We were able to provide food, toys, medication, supplies, and wood during wintertime. We are also happy that we renovated some homes to provide a better place for children to live in. We have also encouraged and checked the children to attend school and organized camps in the mountains and the Delta. All in all, the standard of living of these families has improved, whereas the hope and joy of the children and families have been and are enough to remind us that everything we do and has done is worth it!

Our goal is to continue what we started, but also expand to other locations. Any support in any form is more than welcome, and we also accept donations of toys, furniture, bicycles, supplies, etc.

Meet The Team

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